“Chinese people, especially the elder generation, prefers boys to girls. My grandmother preferred my brother to me. Every time she would give more dumplings to my brother. He could get 10 or 20, but I would get 2 or 4.

One night, when I was four or five years old, there was a fight between my grandmother and grandfather. She didn’t have enough dumplings so she gave all of the dumplings to my brother, telling my grandfather it was because I didn’t like dumplings. My grandfather was so angry — he thought it was unfair. So he gave me his whole portion, and I ate them all. He saw that I was still hungry and made me more dishes — I ate all of those too. Originally my grandmother only served me porridge.

When I look back, I don’t have hate in my heart. That’s her, and it’s a common view. I accept that. Fortunately, my parents treated me equally with boys. They gave me the opportunity to go to school. This story makes me believe that the situation in China will be better for girls, and I think it is — so I’m happy for that.”