“The thing that kept coming to mind is this quality in my mom and in her mom of being able to expand when times are plentiful and contract with good humor when things are tight. One of my grandmother’s favorite stories is about a friend of hers whose children were complaining that there wasn’t any meat in the house, this was in Germany after WWII, and her friend spread butter thickly on a piece of bread and wrote ‘wurst’ in it (sausage) and handed it to her kids and said, ‘Now we have meat.’ My mom was born in Germany during WWII and I think carried that sense into our upbringing here in the U.S. that one could make due with what one could find and put together; and do that with good humor and do that with joy. What I made, is something I think my mom only made a couple of times, but every time I make it I think of her spirit. So, it’s yogurt that is put through a strainer and allowed to sit in the strainer for long enough that it becomes a kind of cheese combined with every single herb I have in the garden. So in honor of their ability to move out and in with the times, I brought this.”